Listing on Amazon Never Been This Fast in 2024

Revolutionizing Your Selling Game: Experience the Swift and Effortless Journey of Listing on Amazon in 2024

If you’re an Amazon seller and have found the process of listing products on Amazon to be a time-consuming and frustrating task, you’re not alone. But don’t worry, I have a solution to make this process much easier. In this blog post, I’ll introduce you to a game-changing solution that will simplify listing on Amazon, helping you grow your business faster and decrease the amount you spend on your listing sessions substantially. So, if you’re ready to streamline your Amazon listing process and boost your profits, keep reading!

A Short Story of My Initial Frustration with Listing Books on Amazon

Hello, fellow resellers! I’m Omer Muhit, also known as bookupcycle. In the last year, I’ve managed to sell over $10 million worth of books on Amazon, and my journey in selling books on Amazon began almost a decade ago. Let me take you back to the struggles I faced eight years ago during my listing on Amazon sessions. At that time, I felt overwhelmed. My process involved manually typing book ISBNs on the “Add a Product” page in Seller Central, adding my offer to existing listings, setting prices, and determining the condition of each book. Once I had created 100 listings, I had to select “Change to Fulfilled by Amazon” and add some additional information. Locating the correct FNSKU labels among the printed FNSKUs for each book was an incredibly time-consuming process, especially when dealing with 100 different labels. There had to be a better way, an Amazon listing software that could make the listing process much less frustrating and easier.

Listing on Amazon Manual Listing Workflow

Listing Manually on Amazon Seller Central

Initially, I came across a scanner for under $30, which helped me save time and eliminate the “typing the ISBN” part of the process when listing on Amazon. Later on, I discovered a listing software called Scanlister, which did improve my efficiency compared to my previous workflow. However, tasks like writing condition notes and locating the correct FNSKU labels still remained quite time-consuming. Delegating the “Listing on Amazon” task to someone else wasn’t feasible, as it remained a complex process. 

Then, during a trip to Las Vegas back in 2017, we had the chance to meet the owner of another software for book sellers. This software offered a wide range of features, surpassing Scanlister, and even included a repricer. My business partner and I were intrigued by the potential for scaling up our selling used books on Amazon business to another level. However, we were really not expecting that software company to charge us a hefty $1000 for the onboarding fee, and what surprised us even more was their decision to charge a percentage of our revenue.

After enduring a three-week wait for the onboarding phone call, we made the switch to the new software company. Over time, we ended up paying over $150,000 for this software lifetime, and our satisfaction remained elusive. Firstly, the software, despite our background in computer science, still proved to be overly complex. Additionally, it lacked some breakthrough features we had hoped for. Most importantly, the charge by percentage pricing model made us feel as though they had become a sort of business partner, even though they were simply providing a software product.

Three years later, we decided to create our own software from scratch, one with more capabilities and a much simpler user interface. We secured a series of investments from accomplished individuals and assembled an incredible team of software developers. Finally, we successfully developed an all-in-one software solution for Amazon book sellers a few years ago. 

Today, we are delighted with how quickly and efficiently we can list products on Amazon.

This is the story of how our frustration with inefficiency led to the creation of the best and most affordable software solution for Amazon book sellers, known as Bookz Pro. Now, let me delve into the unique features that save book sellers time and money.

Bookz Pro Amazon Lister Software

All in One Software for Book Sellers

Integrated with Repricer and Inventory Manager

Your repricer references in Bookz Pro have been established and secured, allowing the repricer to determine the pricing. All that’s required is scanning the barcode, and the item will be listed promptly. The seamless integration ensures swift listing, even for single-copy items, with the ability to list thousands in just a matter of hours. If desired, you can indicate minimum or maximum prices during the listing process. Additionally, you have the option to include cost, location, or fixed price settings as needed, all of which can be reviewed and adjusted in the inventory manager at a later time.

You can get an instant warning for restricted items, giving you the option to either request selling permissions or skip the item. This not only saves time but also ensures you avoid the risk of inadvertently sending restricted items to Amazon. 

When it comes to listing your products on Amazon, having a well-organized system can make all the difference. That’s where “Condition Note Templates” come into play, simplifying the process and saving you valuable time. With this feature, you can create and store as many templates as you require, tailored to the unique characteristics of your items. Whether you prefer to choose from existing templates, craft a new one, or make edits to your saved templates, the choice is yours. What’s even more convenient is the ability to select and combine multiple notes, which will be seamlessly appended in your desired order. This functionality not only streamlines your Amazon listing process but also ensures consistency in your product descriptions. Whether you’re a seasoned seller or just starting, these Condition Note Templates are a valuable tool to enhance your efficiency and success on Amazon.

Send to Amazon Workflow and Some Other Highlighted Features

Let’s explore some additional standout features that can greatly enhance your Amazon listing experience. First up is the “Send to Amazon Flow,” now equipped with efficient 2D barcode support, allowing you to box as you go with no need for an additional boxing tool. Moreover, you can send up to 1500 SKUs per shipment, a significant upgrade from the 200 SKUs limitation found in other listing software options available in the market. This expanded capacity not only improves efficiency but also opens the door to getting LTL rates(savings at least 40% on your inbound shipping cost), as you can send more units per shipment. All of this is made possible when using the STA add-on on Bookz Pro. Then, there’s the customizable SKU building feature, allowing you to create unique identifiers tailored to your product lineup, ensuring seamless organization. With replenishment settings readily available, restocking becomes a hassle-free process, ensuring your products are always readily available to potential buyers. What’s more, the option to apply filters before submission gives you fine-grained control over your listings, allowing you to present your products exactly as you envision them. These filters not only enhance your listing process but also offer the advantage of quickly identifying if you have listed some items that fall below your profit/payout threshold or exceed your maximum average sales rank target. These remarkable features collectively contribute to a smoother and more successful Amazon listing journey, ultimately boosting your sales. 


In conclusion, the power of a great listing software cannot be underestimated when it comes to streamlining your Amazon book selling journey. As someone who has tried numerous options, I understand the frustration and challenges that can arise in this process. However, the solution has arrived in the form of Bookz Pro. This exceptional software has not only propelled my reselling book business to an impressive eight-figure annual level but has also been a game-changer for countless other Amazon book sellers. The key is simple: book a demo and start your free trial to experience firsthand how Bookz Pro can revolutionize your Amazon book listing experience. Say goodbye to frustration and the time-consuming listing process, and say hello to efficiency, growth, and success in the world of Amazon book selling. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your business to new heights with Bookz Pro.


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