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The top book scouting app tailored for book sellers. Make informed decisions using Average Sales Rank, “Sold Days” data, and estimated profits. Scan books ultra quick and access specialized data from your Amazon seller account. Be fast, buy more books, profit more. 30-Day Money Back Guaranteed!

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Make The Right Purchase Decision​

Two key elements matter for buying: how quickly a book sells and its profitability. By checking Average Sales Rank (ASR), number of days with sales (sold days), and estimated profit, you can make the right decision in seconds.”

amazon book scouting app database mode

Search Modes​

->  Fast Live: High Accuracy
->  Cloud Search: High Speed

->  Database: Ultra-fast Search

amazon book scouting app tailored for book sellers

Download Database, Use The App Without Internet​

Experience unmatched speed in book scanning, all without relying on an internet connection! Boost your efficiency, buy inventory with light-speed.

Seamless Integration With Seller Account​

Bookzy Mobile syncs with your Amazon seller account to provide you with the most accurate, personalized information. Explore its unique features that you won’t find elsewhere and get ready to be impressed:

Restricted Books Warning​

Receive custom alerts for books restricted to you, categorized by new and used. Apply immediately to see if the you could be approved to sell.

amazon book scouting app tailored for book sellers

Sold Today Items​

Review your daily sales on the mobile app. Sort or filter books by price, average sales rank, channel, or condition. Click a sold book to see other offers after your sale.

amazon book scouting app tailored for book sellers

Active Inventory Details​

Review your existing stock for the scanned book when buying new one.

amazon book scouting app tailored for book sellers

Previous Orders​

Inspect past orders of the scanned book to assess your sales performance and make informed choices.

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Top-tier Triggers​

We understand speed is essential for you. Hence, we offer intuitive trigger settings for quick selections. Simply choose your desired price, sales volume, and profit, name your trigger, and save time.
amazon book scouting app tailored for book sellers

What is Sorter Triggers?​

Seeking more details in trigger options? Our Sorter triggers have you covered. Evaluate offers, payouts, “buy back offers”, average sales rank, and days of sale. These triggers can span hundreds of lines, automating your decision-making with no added human intervention. The complexity matches your business know-how.
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Some Other Highlighted Features

Add Buy Cost Option

Adjust Inbound Shipping Cost

6-month Average Buy Box Price

Manage Device from Web

Auto Live on Not-found

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Enjoy our simple pricing plan of just $29 per device each month. And if you’re not thrilled within 30 days, we’ll refund you with a smile – no hassle guaranteed!

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