FBM Manager

Cross-Listing on Multi-Marketplace​

Effortlessly list and manage your products on two e-commerce giants, Amazon and eBay, with the same ease and convenience as you experience with Bookz Pro. Expand your reach and amplify your sales potential by harnessing the combined traffic of Amazon and eBay. It automatically deactivates or updates the quantity on your listings upon making a sale to prevent ‘no inventory’ issues.
warehouse management system for book sellers on amazon

Warehouse Management​

Our system simplifies the task of locating sold items through an intuitive ticketing system. You can conveniently sort packing slips based on your warehouse layout, streamlining the picking process. With Bookz Pro, efficiency is paramount, as it remembers the location of every listed item, making picking a breeze.
Amazon Book Seller Integration

Integrated Shipping Providers​

Utilize integrations with Endicia and Desktop Shipper to fulfill orders and generate shipping labels, all within a user-friendly single platform. This minimizes the time you spend on your FBM orders, streamlining your operations for enhanced efficiency.

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