Apps Included in Bookz Pro Packages

Inventory Overview

Obtain a comprehensive snapshot of your stocks with separately displayed active, reserved and inbound inventory.

Amazon Book selling app Inventory Overview

Sales Insight

Explore broken down sales insights, along with average sales price per item. Get a clear vision of your sales!
Bookz pro Amazon repricer dashboard sales numbers
Repricer for amazon book sellers

Min/Max Performance

While we pride ourselves on being a min/max-free repricer, you must keep an eye on manual adjustments.

Pricing Performance

Inspect your pricing, see high pricing errors, low priced items and take actions effortlessly.
repricer for amazon book resellers

Buy Box Performance

Track your Buy Box wins and losses. Discover items where Amazon doesn’t grant the Buy Box to anyone.
repricer for amazon book resellers
Note app in Bookz pro

To Do List

Manage your tasks effortlessly on our dashboard! Track your responsibilities, achieve more!

ASR Distribution

Explore your Average Sales Rank Distribution! Dive into insights and optimize your strategy!
repricer for amazon book resellers

Age Distribution

Beware of your Inventory Age Performance! Avoid long term storage fees and keep your metrics in line.
Inventory age for amazon book resellers

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