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Be Smart, Reprice with Average Sales Rank on Amazon!

Stay ahead in the Amazon marketplace. Using Average Sales Rank, we ensure your fast-selling items and steady performers get distinct strategies.

FBA Acceptable

“This is just an illustration. You can have many more sections with Average Sales Ranks and hundreds of rules if desired.”

How Detailed Can You Think?

The level of detail is limited only by your imagination. Consider the sample rule below, this is just an example what you can do.
You can formulate hundreds of similar rules. Can you see the potential? You are basically creating your own repricer.

Multiple Rule Sets for Different Inventory Portions​

Do you sell both FBA and FBM? Have both new and used items? Our platform offers varied rule sets to match each section of your stock. Just set unique rules for different inventory pieces. Boost your sales by giving each product the specific attention it needs.
You can formulate hundreds of similar rules. Can you see the potential? You are basically creating your own repricer.

Instant & Unlimited Price Change

Book Pro updates your prices faster than competitors thanks to “instant repricing”. We act very fast to competitor pricing shifts, enhancing your chances for the Buy Box. An item can undergo multiple price changes even in an hour; there is no limit.


Increase Buy Box Winning Price

Is securing the Buy Box the final step? Think again! We actively boost your Buy Box winning price, pushing it limits to optimize your earnings.

Optional Min / Max Prices

->  You can set minimum and maximum limits for specific items

->  You can manage these minimum and maximum price in bulk.

->  We flag the ones exceeding limits for easy filtering.

->  Min/max prices are optional because we have confidence in our repricer’s safeguards. Use these limits as you desire for your specific items..

Never Make A Loss

We provide a feature known as “global payout limit”. By using this, you can designate a minimum payout amount in your repricing settings. The repricer then calculates and maintains a price for each item that meets this payout amount. In the Stock Manager, you can view items attempting to price below this minimum. Filters can be created to manage these, enabling you to spend less time on these low-profit items.

Some Other Highlighted Features

Initial Pricing
Exclude SKUs
Target Amazon
Exclude Seller By ID
Exclude Sellers By Rating
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