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Take Control Of Your Amazon Inventory

Introducing Stock Manager, the game-changing inventory tool tailored for book sellers. Get immediate market insights and act quickly. Use advanced filters and bulk actions for efficient management. Control your inventory effortlessly and maximize your profit margin with optimization.
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Instant Market Insights

->  The item you are managing will automatically display on the left side of the screen. Seamless integration allows you to gain market insights in seconds.
->  Review ASR, track “Sold Days”, and estimate your earnings.
->  Observe other offers and identify competitors. Buy Box and Amazon prices are distinctly highlighted for easy visibility.
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Sort/Filter Inventory with Average Sales Rank

Understanding Average Sales Rank (ASR) is crucial for item-specific actions. Unlike instant sales rank, ASR provides more reliable insights into sales volume. Use it to sort or filter your inventory in Stock Manager. You’ll notice the improvement in your “average sales price”.
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SKU Tags

During each repricing cycle, we tag your items with performance indicators and Buy Box status. These tags appear in Stock Manager as small, colorful characters, letting you quickly assess each item’s performance.


Bulk Actions

->  Adjust minimum and maximum values, write formula based on the current limits or existing prices, and implement to all with one click.
->  Identify poorly performing items listed under FBA and quickly initiate removal orders for them.
->  Trigger repricing manually as you wish.

Extreme Filtering Capabilities

Discover the power of precision with Stock Manager’s advanced filtering capabilities! Sort or filter your items using criteria like age, channel-condition, average sales rank or sold days. With tag filtering such as “buy box ownership”, min max limit reaches or your offer’s position to pinpoint exactly what needs your attention. Simplify your workflow and focus on what matters most with Stock Manager’s intelligent filtering.

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Some Other Highlighted Features

Min/Max Update History

Price Change History

Payout and Profit Calculator

Links to Keepa and Book Finder

Reports Export/Import

Fast Min/Max Setting

One Click Create Removal

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