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Bookz pro ultra fast efficient repricer

Ultimate Amazon Listing Software for Book Sellers!

List books, media, or any other products with Bookz Pro Amazon Listing Software. Prepare FBA shipments or list as FBM. Compatible with thermal printers, remarkably speedy, equipped with features you need. Delivers the smoothest listing experience.

Bookz pro Amazon listing tool dashboard

Set Preferences Once, List Items Ultra-Fast

Fill the form, select condition, list, then LOCK. Simply scan the next item and apply the printed barcode. It’s the quickest Amazon listing software available for a book seller.

Bookz pro repricer continuous

Integrated with Repricer and Inventory Manager

Preferences were set and locked. Repricer will decide the price. So just scan the barcode, and the item is listed.
Seamless integration enables light speed listing for single copy items. List thousands in just hours.

Specify min or max prices during listing if desired. Add cost, location or fixed price settings  on Amazon listing software if needed. You can view and modify these in the inventory manager later on.

Bookzy appscouting app for amazon book sellers

Instant Market Insights

->  Observe other offers and identify competitors.

->  Review ASR, track “Sold Days”, and estimate your earnings.

->  Buy Box and Amazon prices are distinctly highlighted for easy visibility.

Bookz pro repricer stop sign

Restricted Item Warning

You receive an instant alert if the item is restricted, allowing you to either apply for selling permissions or skip the item. Save time and eliminate the risk of sending restricted items to Amazon!
Bookz pro lister condition note

Condition Note Templates

->  Add as many templates as you need
->  Select one, write a new one or select and edit any of them
->  Choose multiple notes as you wish; they will be sequentially appended
Bookz pro repricer star rating

Some Other Highlighted Features

Send to Amazon Flow (2D barcodes)
Customized SKU Building
Replenishment Settings
Filtering Before Submission
Get Inside to See the Rest of the Iceberg

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