Amazon Vacation Mode in 2024: Pausing FBM Orders for a Stress-Free Break

Amazon Vacation Mode in 2024: Pausing FBM Orders for a Stress-Free Break

Running an Amazon business demands dedication, but everyone needs a break. Understanding Amazon’s vacation mode setting is crucial for FBM sellers, ensuring a smooth break.

How to Activate Amazon Seller Vacation Mode

Ready for a break but worried about your FBM orders? Enter Amazon Vacation Mode – your digital ‘Gone Fishing’ sign. Amazon Vacation mode is an effective tool that allows you to make your products invisible, ensuring no new orders sneak in while you’re away. It’s a two-step process: fulfill pending orders and plan ahead by deactivating listings two days before your break.

Fulfill all pending orders

If there are orders awaiting processing, ensure you handle them before modifying your listings’ status. Keep in mind that deactivating your listings won’t automatically cancel any pending orders. Be sure to fulfill those orders to prevent complications.

Turn on vacation mode before your break

Lastly, plan to deactivate your listings two days before your break. Changing them too early might cost you potential sales, while changing them too late risks last-minute orders. Finding the right balance is crucial.

What Happens to FBA Sales

Your FBA inventory keeps moving even when you’re not actively managing it. If you are only selling FBA and do not offer any FBM items, you should not worry about vacation mode at all. Use tools like Bookz Pro to stay on top of your stock levels. Stay connected with the Amazon Seller app, make sure you can manage your account from wherever you are.

Additional Considerations for Amazon Vacation Settings

As you prepare to use Amazon’s vacation settings, it’s important to consider some additional aspects that continue to affect your account even when your listings are inactive. Let’s delve into these elements to ensure your vacation is free of business hassles.

Customer Messages

Even though your listings are set as inactive, it’s essential to promptly address customer questions. Whether your listings are active or not, Amazon requires sellers to answer any buyer messages within 24 hours.

Process Return Requests

Even with listings set to inactive, handling return requests is crucial. You must address them, similar to responding to customer inquiries. Adjust settings to receive return request emails with links to Authorize, Close, or Reply. Note that Amazon can be configured to automatically authorize return requests.

Subscription Fees Continue

Monthly subscription fees continue for professional seller accounts, even with the  inactive listings. If you plan an extended vacation and have no FBA sales you may wish to avoid this fee by downgrading to an individual account.

Additional Considerations for Amazon Vacation Settings

Follow these simple steps to turn on vacation mode in your Amazon Seller Central account. 

Step 1

Login to Seller Central, go to “Settings” in the top right corner and click on “Account Info”


Step 2

Go to Listing Status on the left hand side and click “Going on a vacation?”


Step 3

Click “Edit” and change the Vacation Status to “On Vacation”


You are good to go! Your FBM listings will be inactive within an hour. 

Ending Your Break

Turning off vacation mode is a straightforward process. Just go back to the same settings and switch everything back to activate your FBM listings. Within an hour, your listings will be back, and business resumes. A well-planned break ensures you return to smooth sailing, and your business doesn’t suffer in your absence.

In Conclusion

Navigating the world of Amazon selling while taking a well-deserved break has never been easier with the help of Vacation Mode. Understanding and utilizing these settings effectively can provide peace of mind during your time off. If you have any further questions or need assistance, our support team is here to help, serving both Bookz Pro members and any Amazon sellers seeking guidance. Enjoy your vacation and return ready to jump back into thriving business activities. Happy selling, happy vacationing!

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